RISE Fire Research, as a TREEADS partner, conducted research on fires in nature and ways to protect man-made structures from them in conjunction with the Norwegian fire services, the government, and other TREEADS partners Jotne, VIPO, and Woodify.

Despite an observed rise in the intensity and scope of wildfires across Scandinavia, there remains a dearth of knowledge regarding their characteristics and repercussions. Consequently, RISE, as a project partner, is engaged in a comprehensive study to understand the behavior of these wildfires, including factors such as temperature, spread rates, and more, aiming to establish effective measures for protecting wooden buildings and critical infrastructure in the face of natural fire occurrences. Moreover, RISE examines the logistical aspects of fire services, assessing the necessary equipment and resources required at various stages during such incidents.

The newly acquired insights into wildland-urban interface fires will serve as a foundation for providing recommendations to authorities, fire services, and building owners. These recommendations are intended to enhance preparedness and enable better response strategies. For a visual representation of the research efforts, a video showcasing a field exercise conducted in Kvam, Western Norway, can be viewed at the following link:

Published On: June 27th, 2023Categories: What's New