Date: August 29th, 2023

The TREEADS project coordinator, Kemal S. Arsava, recently had an interview with Horizon Magazine and shed light on various aspects related to tackling wildfires in Europe. The fascinating interview titled “To tackle wildfires, researchers in Europe team up with frontline forces” was published on August 29th, 2023.

In the interview, Arsava highlighted several important aspects. First and foremost, he emphasized the need for community training and awareness to prevent fires. According to him, investing only in fire trucks, helicopters or planes is not enough.

Arsava also mentioned the TREEADS plan to use drones and high-altitude balloons to detect blazes early, collect data for fire crews, and even aid their actions by dropping fire-suppressant materials. The four-layer approach includes low-altitude drones to locate fire hotspots, mid-altitude drones to drop fire suppressants, high-altitude balloons to provide a broader view, and satellites for the whole picture.

According to our coordinator, these new technologies will make it easier to fight wildfires in the future. We encourage you to read the whole interview available here to get a better understanding of the crucial issues being addressed in our project and the impact it could have on our communities and environment.

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