General Partner description

The Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg (OVGU) was founded in 1993 and harbors 14.000 students (20% international students). They are educated by 200 professors distributed over 9 faculties. The OVGU plays an important role in the regional capital city Magdeburg, which is developing into a center for business, science and culture. In recent years, the research at the OVGU has merged applied and innovative basic research. The OVGU research profile is centered on engineering and life sciences. In the field of life sciences, the research is focused on Neurosciences and Immunology. With respect to the absolute volume of public third party funding the DFG ranks engineering and life sciences at the OVGU (a mid-size University) among the top 30 of ~100 German Universities.

Role in TREEADS project

Main contributions to the TREEADS project will be experimental and numerical investigations of fire and smoke spread mechanisms in ground wildfires and respectively the analysis of smoke development with respect to smoke toxicity. OVGU is engaged to establish guidance and health risk warning plan for evacuation of villages regarding smoke gases and smoke gas toxicity.

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