General Partner description

STRESS Scarl, which stands for Development of Research and Technologies for Sustainable and Seismically Safe Building has been entitled by the Italian Ministry of Research as the High Technology District on sustainable construction. It is a non-profit entity established in 2010 with the aim of promoting research activities and experimental demonstrations of innovative technologies for the construction sector. It associates the most important Universities of the Campania Region, private companies from the construction sector, engineering firms and other research organizations; it operates through its own technical structure and also involving in its activities the staff of its associated companies and institutions. Its action strategies are based on the definition and development of “Best Practices”, derived by the design and the realization of technology demonstrators, intended as applications of innovative technologies and methodologies studied and developed during the research activities. Its previous research experiences are related to risk management, resilience and safety in urban systems with a strong commitment on safety of lifelines, civil infrastructure, and buildings.

Role in TREEADS  project

STRESS will coordinate the Project’s Pilot campaign and will be directly leading the Italian Pilot, it will also act as Italian Pilot News desk for the Outreach & Dissemination activities and the Awareness Campaigns at local level.

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