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Wide Area Wildfires


The southern area of Ávila is the most important forest area in terms of forest surface, with the massive presence of Pinus species and mixed forests. This area together with all its municipalities is considered as a “High-Risk Zone” according to the regional and national administration. The application of the holistic fire management approach proposed in TREEADS will be narrowed to some municipalities or forest owners’ surface, according to the potential application of the foreseen technologies, which will be tested and validated in the Tiétar Valley.

  • Deployment of innovative tools that allow to support the three main phases in a fire (pre-fire, active fire and post-fire) including:
    • Data collection from different data inputs including satellite data from Copernicus complemented by the use of two additional aerial platforms High Altitude Platform and drones, 
    • data analysis to obtain the best information from this data; 
    • and data exploitation for improving all the stages covered by the project.  
  • Provide immediate post-fire information on fire severity and ecosystem vulnerability to analyze the environmental impact to be used by the TREEADS DSS for providing site-specific technical recommendations for ecosystem management and potential restoration interventions. 
  • Number of environmental sensors deployed on burned area or /100 Ha
  • Number of monitoring plots established on burned area or /100 Ha
  • Number of drone flight hours (pre, during, post-fire stages)
  • Number of maps of the burned area produced (any kind of)
  • Number of Ha or % of burned area under a post-fire management plan (including areas of planned non-intervention, restoration and sustainable salvage logging; not including unplanned salvage logging, unplanned reforestation)
  • Number or % of forest owners/properties under post-fire management plan
  • Number of post-fire management meetings/ agreements with stakeholders
  • € invested on restoration plans per burned area or /100 Ha
  • Number of scientific publications about pilot site (pre, during, post-fire)

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