General Partner description

Software Imagination & Vision (SIMAVI) is an IT company with experience in:  R&D, Education & eTraining, eHealth, Security, eAgriculture, Customized Applications, ERP & BI, eCustoms, and Government, with +1500 commercial clients and +300 successful projects worldwide. Our team has expertise to cover all stages of the project development from solution design, proof of concept to prototyping and end-user implementation. SIMAVI is a member of several prestigious associations in the field of ICT like The European Alliance of IoT Innovation (AIOTI) and Big Data Value Association (BDVA) and is acting as technological partner and / or coordinator in more than 40 Horizon 2020 projects from various domains.

Role in TREEADS project

SIMAVI will lead the work package related to TREEADS Socio-Technological Solutions for Detection and Response. SIMAVI will contribute to the tools developed in TREEADS Socio-Technological Solutions for Prevention and Preparedness as leader of the task TREEADS Integrated fire Management systems, practices and Services.

SIMAVI will also participate as contributor in other project work packages, such as: Project Management, Understanding the Lifecycle of Wildfires, Organizational, Structural, and Sociotechnical Factors for TREEADS Ecosystem Building and modular approach, TREEADS Pan-European Pilot Campaign, Market Shaping, Scale-up Business Models and Socio-Economic Impact and TREEADS Outreach and Awareness Generation.

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