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Wildfire in a National Park


At national level, there are on average 166 forest fires per year in Romania, with a total affected surface area of 30pprox. 50kHa. However, the average surface of forest fires has increased by 53% and their frequency has doubled in the last decade. National statistics show that 61% of forest fires start by human negligence and 35% are due to unknown causes, most likely also due to human error. The TREEADS pilot case is set in Macin Mountains National Park. Its available natural potential is making it accessible to a wide range of tourists, interested in hiking, landscapes, flora, local fauna, studies and documentaries. Among the identified vulnerabilities of the area are uncontrolled tourism, poaching, scattered grazing, illegal logging leading to the suppression of habitats, burning of vegetation, destruction of specimens of spontaneous flora, illegal capture of Dobrogean land turtles (Testudo graeca), extension of farms, extreme sports (off-road vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles) that disturb the tranquility of the area. Due to this abundance of visitors, human negligence is an important factor to consider in the prevention and mitigation of forest fires. The use case will focus around the integration of TREEADS technology in forest fire prevention and intervention.

  • Reduce the incidence of forest fires by 50% through the use of proactive preventive approach that makes use of state-of-the art technology; 
  • Reduce the response time of firefighters in case of fire hazards by utilizing AR-VR technology in training exercises that familiarizes them with new technologies and increase situational awareness; 
  • Set the prerequisites for improved procedures in case of fire hazard intervention; 
  • Develop a pilot version of updated preventive measures.
  • Control of any extreme and potentially harmful wildfire in less than 24 hours. 
  • 50% reduction in wildfire occurrence.
  • 25% reduction in firefighter reaction time.

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