TREEADS will build a new land and field-based restoration initiative that will use all modern techniques such as agroforestry, drones for seed spread, Internet of things sensors that will be able to adapt the seeding process based on the ground needs and at the same time with the help of AI to determine post-fire risks factors. In particular, restoration modules will be designed and implemented throughout the project and a demonstrator will be built for showcasing all the Technological Solutions for Restoration and Adaptation.

Overview of relevant technologies

Pre-fire status model οf any forest for accurate Post-Fire Restoration

Improves First Order Fire Effects Model (FOFEM) software.

Agroforestry for Restoration

Agroforestry techniques for ecological restoration by using methods from agroforestry including rotational grazing of livestock and recycling forest waste into biochar.

Reforestation/ Drones for Agriculture – using SCC for aerial mass releases

An innovative capsule with top efficiency that is capable of making the transition from drone to soil in order to ensure the growth of the seedling.

Restoration of ecological balance – using Bioclip release principles

The main role of Global Biodesign is to provide solutions that ensure the success of the reforestation and restoration of the ecological balance. For the latter, they provide their patented solution, the Bioclip. This device will ensure the release of beneficial organisms into the newly restored areas.

Preparation of bio-material for post-fire bioremediation and re-vegetation trails

Development of bio-material units (e.g., seed-balls) that could be spread rapidly across the burnt-out areas.

DSS restoration module

Conceptual development of a Decision support system for adaptive postfire management (DSS-APM).