General Partner description

The National Observatory of Athens (NOA) is the oldest research foundation in Greece and has been nominated by the government as the sole institution in charge of natural disasters monitoring, hosting also the UNESCO Chair for Natural Disasters and the Focal Point on GEOSS. NOA’s Institute for Astronomy Astrophysics Space Applications & Remote Sensing has achieved excellence in EO-based natural disaster monitoring, through systematic participation in EC, ESA and Copernicus projects. It brings to TREEADS expertise on Deep Learning, big satellite data processing, burnt area mapping and fire hazard assessment.

Role in TREEADS project

The National Observatory of Athens, with its expertise on Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation, will contribute to the TREEADS project with a fire hazard forecasting service with daily updates and with downscaling for satellite-based burnt area mapping. It will also participate to the project’s pilot activities.

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