General Partner description

Johanniter are an Ambulance service, disaster relief unit, mobile care provider and First Aid lecturer in Austria. They are providing regular trainings and exercises for medical first responder and public. Since 2021, VR training has become a part of the education program. Johanniter Austria is also part of the international network of JOIN (Johanniter International) linking it to other 14 countries in Europe.

The expertise of JOAFG includes SSH methodologies, ethics, gender studies, risk analysis, process and network analysis, anthropology as well as applied GDPR.

Role in TREEADS project

The main role of JOAFG lies in the lead of the Austrian Pilot focusing on a peri-urban wildfire. Additionally, they will support the project with their expertise as a medical first responder in social sciences. Their volunteers and first responder network will help to collect additional knowledge, apply the technology and disseminate the project outcomes broadly.

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