Italian pilot site

Cable car system in the Sorrento Peninsula


The pilot case is related to a very important touristic area in Southern Italy, including high-density urban settlements and very dense wooded areas on the slopes. The ridge of the Sorrento Peninsula in the proposed area rises up to 390 m above sea level and the slopes are often subjected to extreme wildfires (both natural or malicious); in 2017 a very big fire involved different areas in Campania Region but in particular around the Vesuvius, causing also interruption in public transportation services. A cable car system will be built to connect a sea-level location to the ridge of the Sorrento Peninsula, to integrate the regional rail transport system (Circumvesuviana Circumvesuviana Railway) with connection to remote areas only reachable by car.

  • Αnalyse the interaction between wildfires and a critical infrastructure connecting the sea level town of Sorrento with Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, located 390 m above sea level. 
  • Feasibility analysis of a cable car system connecting the two towns;
  • Validate TREEADS capabilities of better response to wildfires, in all three phases.
  • Definition of an integrated, innovative approach to fire analysis in the external area for Critical infrastructure Emergency management strategy in case of possible wildfires. ​
  • Fire resistance improvement ≥ 10% ( for fire resilient solutions)​.

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