General Partner description

INNOV-ACTS is a Cyprus-based high-tech Small Medium Enterprise (SME) with expertise in the design, development, deployment, operation, and evaluation of cutting-edge digital technologies (e.g., BigData, AI, IoT), as well as on development of resilient infrastructures. The company offers technical and business consulting services, which span the implementation and the techno-economic evaluation of complex systems in sectors like finance, healthcare, and industry. INNOV-ACTS has a rich track record of various R&D and industrial projects in these sectors.

Role in TREEADS project

INNOV-ACTS will lead the business modelling, exploitation, sustainability planning, and commercialization activities of the project. It will also have an active role in the techno-economic and socio-economic evaluation of the TREEADS platform and of the pilot systems of the project. INNOV-ACTS will also have a leading role in the implementation of risk management activities of TREEADS.

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