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Human and Animal Evacuation


It is a hot summer day in the touristic area of the Samaria Gorge, with temperatures ranging between 35-40 degrees Celsius. A sudden explosion occurs in the middle of the day, and smoke from the forest of Samaria covers the area around the forest. At the exit of the Gorge is a sea-side touristic village (Agia Roumeli), with several hotels and villas. The only way to evacuate this area is by sea, as the road is blocked by the fire. This demonstration will be led by the TUC and MAICH partners in the wider area in the island of Crete, with Greece capitalising on the experience and data sets recorded from several devastating fire incidents on the island. Notably, the governance authorities in Crete will contribute with regional medical emergency services, fire brigade and law enforcement units as well as the civil protection command and control centre. In this demo, cross-organizational collaboration at the regional, national and international level will be sought. The scenario will highlight the difficulties encountered in prioritising the employment of resources to the different sub-scenarios.

  • Highlight the improvement allowed by the project tools with regards to the Sensing and Incident Management Modules. 
  • Evaluate the TREEADS in-field training. 
  • Demonstrate that TREEADS enhances the protection of S&R squads and their operational capacity.
  • Support the exchange of information between first responders on the field and the Command and Control Centre (CCC); (Collaboration with > 2 CCC) 
  • Information flow speed (< 5 mins) 
  • How many users can one have access to the same information simultaneously; (>30 users)
  • Show only relative information to the end user. (=Nb of roles) 
  • Classification of information; (=Nb of roles)
  • How a Decision Support System (DSS) can support media coverage; (Virtual Control Room in 20 mins) 
  • How a DSS can support handling the relatives of the victims; (Incident Management Platform & API with >2 social media & citizens portal)
  • Offline access; (update of info / 2 minutes)
  • Local network to support dissemination of information among first responders on the field.  (>5 communication interfaces)

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