General Partner description

Freiwillige Feuerwehr Gumpoldskirchen is a voluntary Fire Fighting Organization in Lower Austria and consists of 102 voluntary members, 69 active male firefighters and 4 female firefighters, 17 reservists, 12 young firefighting kids. Special trained personal for forest fire fighting, industrial and house fires, technical rescue, chemical accidents, diving, flying, flooding, command and control and handling big disasters.

In area of the town Gumpoldskirchen there are bid and chemical factories for example NOVOMATIC AG, KLINGER AG, International, Gabriel Chemie GmbH, Messer Austria GmbH (SEVESO II factory). The old town center is covered with a Forest area with 177 Hectare Föhren and Mischwood.

Role in TREEADS project

FF GPK will be actively involved in WP8 TREEADS Pan-European Pilot Campaign as an end user. They will also participate in WP1 Project Management, WP2 Understanding the Lifecycle of Wildfires and WP3 Organizational, Structural, and Sociotechnical Factors for TREEADS Ecosystem Building and modular approach.

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