General Partner description

The Federation of Forest landowners Associations of Castilla y León is a regional union of associations from nine provinces in the northwest region of Castilla y León, Spain. It was founded 30 years ago and nowadays is supported by 8000 members who own more than 500.000 hectares. The main objectives include among others the representation of the landowners in regional, national and European governments and institutions and the assessment in the management of members-owned forests. The global aims of FAFCYLE are to promote responsible forest management in our region, the improvement of any abandoned land and the achievement and encouragement of a forest based culture in our society, both rural and urban.

Role in TREEADS project

The main role of FAFCYLE in TREEADS project is to provide the vision of the private forest owner in order to work on the adaptability of the system to the characteristics of private forest lands. Another important function of FAFCYLE in the project is the implementation of pilot plots and territories on private properties and the dissemination of the project development and its results among the owners.

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