General Partner description

Electric Aircraft concept (EAC) is a company based in the south of France. For almost 25 years the team has acquired experience in the aeronautical field with the distribution of two-seater thermal helicopters under the banner of Héli Diffusion France. In 2017, we created EAC which is truly focused on electric propulsion. This is how we developed a concept for a versatile e-VTOL aircraft with electric propulsion capable of carrying 200 kg of payload. Device which, depending on the configuration chosen, can transport two passengers (two-seater version), transport two hundred kg of equipment or 200 liters of water or foam (Waterfall drone version) to fight forest or building fires.

Role in TREEADS project

Mainly providing a heavy payload UAV capability, to bring water or wet foam onto wildfire location, with remote control or planned waypoints.

Also data collection using various cameras and sensors is part of EAC task.

Demonstrate a drone dropping 200 liters of water or throwing foam for firefighting

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