General Partner description

Capgemini Engineering combines, under one brand, a unique set of strengths from across the Capgemini Group: the world leading engineering and R&D services of Capgemini Engineering – acquired by Capgemini in 2020 – and Capgemini’s digital manufacturing expertise. With broad industry knowledge and cutting-edge technologies in digital and software, Capgemini Engineering supports the convergence of the physical and digital worlds.

Role in TREEADS project

The company is a major contributor in the work foreseen for understanding the Lifecycle of Wildfires and responsible partner for the detection and response understanding and technical requirement related task; Capgemini Engineering is also contributing to  the deployment of the TREEADS Socio- Technological Solutions for Detection and Response leading the TREEADS Space and Aerial means related work and is participating in the deployment of the Spanish pilot. Capgemini Engineering is having also role in the horizontal management, exploitation and impact creation activities.

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