General Partner description

The German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) is a world-leading center of excellence for “Safety in technology and chemistry”. Uniquely positioned at the interface of science, technology, industry and politics, BAM integrates research, assessment and consultation in material sciences, materials engineering and chemistry under one umbrella. BAM is organized in 10 departments and 77 divisions with ca. 1700 employees. The BAM team is focusing on experimental and numerical investigation of fires and reaction-to-fire behaviour of products. The eScience section provides expertise in data management and analysis.

Role in TREEADS project

Experimental and numerical research on various fire science tasks, fire safety problems, fire behavior of materials related tasks and fire safety engineering; Fire lab with ignition and reaction-to-fire tests of the building sector and performance of large scale tests at the outside testing area of BAM. BAM will be a major contributor in Socio- Technological Solutions for Detection and Response: fire retardant rapid deployment, Fire Walls, Search and Rescue. BAM will lead the Pilot use case for Germany and work in the topics Outreach and Awareness Generation.

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