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Peri-urban wildfire


In Austria, forest fires are of main concern and these threats are continually increasing. Long drought periods and more and more heat days together with human-induced fire sources are resulting in forest fires which are also threatening the villages and cities often very closely situated to the forests. At the outskirts of Vienna, areas like Stammersdorf are directly located next to woods and vineyards. During dry times in the summer, the risk for a wildfire is extremely high. Since the last few years, the area is growing fast and the population is increasing. It also resembles a recreational area for a lot of Viennese inhabitants and is an important agricultural and touristic area. Stammersdorf is a prototype of a suburban area in Vienna with an existing risk of wildfires.

  • Prevention, Protection and fast response of (peri-)urban area wildfires
  • Use of dynamic, real-time updated information on the state of forest fires for increased situational awareness, safety of rescuers and efficient and effective fire extinction
  • Increase of situational awareness during forest fire extinction (incl. generation of heat maps, hot spot detection, fire front identification)
  • Increased and improved use of aerial data in fire fighting data-based prediction of fire evolution
  • Use of system during non-fire actions
  • Reduction in fire extinguishing time due to better prediction of fire and smoke propagation;
  • Reduction in the number of victims;
  • Increased personnel safety through smart wearables Increased training level through the use of innovative VR training.

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