General Partner description

ACaMIR is a public body established by the Campania Region, it is a legal person with an independent management and autonomous administrative, accounting and technical competences. Its functions are grouped in three macro-clusters: Public Transportation Services, Infrastructures and Networks, Technologies. The agency supports the Campania Region and other Local Authorities in relation to: Planning and management of the mobility services; Implementation of technical-economic feasibility projects for infrastructural interventions; Creation and management of the “Intelligent Transport System of Campania (ITSC)”

Role in TREEADS project

ACaMIR will be mainly involved in the definition and development of the Italian Pilot related to the feasibility study of a cable car system in the Sorrento Peninsula. The analyses will evaluate the possible interactions between a wildfire and the Cable car system passing through or over an area interested by a wildfire and will participate to the Awareness Campaigns at local level.

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