The Challenge

Wildfires are a severe threat across Europe, causing significant environmental and economic damage. They are becoming more intense and widespread as a result of climate change, particular forestry practices, ecosystem deterioration, and rural depopulation. Extreme wildfire events, in addition to their devastating ecological impact, have an unparalleled social cost in terms of both human life and economic losses.

TREEADS Response

TREEADS will tackle a number of major challenges that wildfires pose by building upon state-of-the-art high TRL products and unite them in a holistic Fire Management Ecosystem consisting of various innovative technologies and systems to optimize and reuse the available Socio-technological Resources in all three main phases of Wildfires.

By adopting a multi-stakeholder, multi-actor approach at its core, the TREEADS solutions will contribute to sustainable development as an inclusive societal process and secure sustainability and resilience of natural environment, as well as local human societies.


The TREEADS project aims to:

  • gradually transform forest and fire management into a “management by inclusion” paradigm.
  • build wildfire resilience and strengthen disaster response and recovery.
  • bring together expert knowledge, complex adaptive systems, climate change adaptation understanding and artificial intelligence into an adaptive and transparent management context of increasingly informed decisions for ecological restoration.
  • identify and prevent threats and abnormal events with validated levels of accuracy along with analysing fire behaviour and employing a real-time and 24-7 integrated wildfire detection and strategic surveillance system.
  • develop a novel emergency and disaster response system
  • enable a distributed and resilient event-driven wildfire management system allowing real-time analysis and processing of complex event streams.
  • provide a multi-response engine offering usable real-time information during a wildfire event.
  • offer a Common Operational Graphical & Interactive interface with system users.
  • enhance the preparedness and planning capacity of firefighting stakeholders.