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TREEADS participated in Seedball technology for rapid post fire reforestation

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We are delighted to share that TREEADS, represented by LAMMC, recently participated in the “New genomic techniques and digitisation in agriculture and forestry/Naujos genominės technologijos ir skaitmenizacija žemės ir miškų ūkyje” public educational event on February 8th, 2024, in Akademija, Lithuania.

More than 200 participants, including the scientific community, industry/technology partners, stakeholders, national authorities, and institutions had the opportunity to attend an insightful presentation of seedball technology highlighting a unique aspect of rapid reforestation post fire damage.

This groundbreaking method offers a comparatively rapid rehabilitation of fire-ravaged landscapes or regions with limited human accessibility, such as mountain slopes, restoring the delicate ecological balance within these areas.

As the host country for the event, Lithuania demonstrates its commitment to addressing the challenges of post-fire reforestation and promoting sustainable practices. This collaboration symbolises the power of partnerships and the collective determination to safeguard our natural resources.

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