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TREEADS participated in Innovations in Wildfire Risk Management: A showcase of EU-funded project results

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TREEADS, represented by CBS, recently participated in the Horizon Booster Webinar. This webinar took place online on November 8th to showcase innovations in wildfire risk management, while presenting results from EU-funded projects. This virtual event brought together diverse wildfire risk projects like SAFERS, FIRELOGUE, OVERWATCH, and TREEADS, all funded by the EU.

The event featured notable speakers and presentations, offering insights into the innovative projects shaping the future of wildfire risk management.

Claudio Rossi from SAFERS presented the integrated platform and intelligent services, demonstrating the power of technology in addressing emergency situations. Kenneth R Geipel (Robotto) and Carina Pamminger from HOLOLIGHT discussed the role of drone and Augmented Reality technology in emergency management.

Additionally, Sofia Economou edge in earth observation sciences, presenting the Firelogue Tech Mall, emphasized the importance of disseminating innovative wildfire risk management solutions. Furthermore, Diogo Vallim from Copenhagen Business School, provided valuable insights into Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in integrated wildfire management through his systematic literature review.

TREEADS is delighted to have participated in such a productive webinar, where the meticulous demonstration of project strategies aimed to present innovative technical solutions in wildfire risk management. This event provided a conducive environment for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

TREEADS will continue to work hard to develop effective and innovative strategies for forest management.

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