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TREEADS in the RISE-SD 2023 Conference

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The TREEADS project participated in the “Research and Innovation Symposium for European Security and Defense” – RISE-SD 2023 Conference that took place from 29 – 31 May 2023 in Rhodes, Greece.

RISE-SD 2023 is an international European Union research and innovation event that aims to bring together the #European R&D communities in Civil Protection & Defense to exchange information and experience, share results, and deepen collaboration in the sphere of security and defense.

Three TREEADS partners attended the conference and participated in the workshops panels. Acceligence Ltd., Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and National Observatory of Athens (NOA) presented the project objectives in the following panels and contributed to fruitful discussions on wildfire Management Innovation and Policies.

  • “Panel 1. Holistic approach and integrated management of landscape wildfires“
  • “Panel 3. Science and Technology contribution to improving wildfire management”.

The conversations and brainstorming within the workshop panels provided TREEADS partners with an exceptional opportunity to foster meaningful collaborations, gain new insights, and contribute to the exciting advancements in our industry.

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