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TREEADS in MAIA Webinar: Wildfires and Forest Management (I)

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The TREEADS project recently participated in the MAIA’s second webinar, titled “Wildfires and Forest Management (I)”, led by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. The webinar, held on Friday 7th from 11:00 to 11:45 (CEST), showcased the progress and actions of various projects including FIRE-RES, GROASIS, and TREEADS.

During the webinar, TREEADS had the opportunity to present their project, specifically focusing on the Norwegian pilot. The presentation provided an overview and in-depth analysis of the Norwegian pilot, which aims to enhance prevention and preparedness for wildland fires. Notably, the Norwegian pilot involves regular field exercises on forest fires conducted by local firefighters, the Norwegian Fire School (NBSK), and the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB).

The active participation of various attendees from institutions, stakeholders, the scientific community, and technology partners greatly enriched the webinar. Their involvement and contribution played a vital role in the discussions and knowledge sharing.

Dr. Brunet-Navarro, the Deputy Coordinator of the Green Deal project FIRE-RES and Ragni Fjellgaard Mikalsen, a Research Scientist at RISE Fire Research and the Technical Manager in the TREEADS project, gave insightful contributions during the webinar. Their expertise and valuable insights truly enhanced the webinar experience.

It is through collaboration and knowledge sharing in platforms like these webinars that we can make significant progress in addressing the challenges posed by wildfires and forest management. Let’s continue working together towards effective solutions.

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