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The TREEADS project participated in the Fafcyle Conference that took place on October 31st, 2023. The presentation by TREEADS unveiled innovative strategies for fire prevention.

The initiative introduced two compelling stories, aimed at different seasons, each employing cutting-edge technologies to enhance preventive measures.

During the summer months, TREEADS strategically focuses on areas with the highest probability of wildfires. The project leverages advanced technologies including a system from the European Space Agency and drone integration to provide daily and municipal resolutions.

During the colder months, TREEADS uses satellite prioritization to identify areas in danger due to their proximity to populated regions. Pilots in TREEADS access satellite images, empowering them to upload detailed drone information. The platform’s intelligent search automatically detects hotspots and columns of smoke, providing a multidimensional view for effective decision-making.

The presentation at Fafcyle Conference showcased how these straightforward yet impactful methods can significantly contribute to keeping communities safe from wildfires.

See the video here:

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