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TREEADS at the 7th Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre (DRMKC) Annual Seminar

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TREEADS recently participated at the 7th Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre (DRMKC) Annual Seminar organized by This vital event took place on November 21st, 2023, at the Royal Bibliotheque of Belgium. This seminar provided a platform to discuss and showcase innovations and strategies for disaster risk management.

The Annual Seminar brought together a diverse group of key stakeholders from the scientific community and national authorities and institutions. An attendance of 70 participants ensured an intimate and interactive environment that fostered meaningful discussions and idea exchanges.

The goal was to consider strategies for shaping a more resilient European Union, particularly addressing climate and disaster risks. At this juncture, TREEADS project coordinator presented an overview of the H2020 fire projects, highlighting its contributions through an engaging oral presentation.

Participation in this seminar was pivotal for TREEADS, offering a distinctive chance to collaborate with fellow EU projects, and partners and interface with the EU commission. The dynamic discussions, collaborative exchanges, and insightful presentations have strengthened  TREEADS commitment to advancing innovative solutions for a safer and more sustainable future.

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