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TREEADS at the “1st Open Annual Workshop on Future ICT”

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TREEADS was presented at the “1st Open Annual Workshop on Future ICT” by Mr. Emmanouil Fountoulakis, and represented in bilateral discussions with stakeholders by Dr. Loukas Athanasekos, from project partner EIGHT BELLS Ltd. which also was the event organiser and promoter.

The “1st Open Annual Workshop on Future ICT” took place physically in Athens, Greece, on May 25th, 2022. A total of 50 physical attendees and additionally 5 presenters connected virtually, had the opportunity to explore State of the Art technologies, results and outcomes of cutting-edge research, as realised through EU Research Projects, among other very interesting presentations.

The Workshop focused on exploring the State of the Art related to ICT, covering aspects such as 5G/6G, Cybersecurity, IoT and Cloud. Fruitful discussions took place among the participants, regarding current EU Funded research and future developments of State of the Art ICT, thus making an impact and setting the basis for research debate and constructive dialogue regarding ICT evolution. The extended agenda included 4 sessions accordingly (5G/6G, Cybersecurity, IoT and Cloud) and gathered experts and researchers from all Future ICT disciplines.

During the workshop, Eight Bells Ltd had the opportunity to present and widely communicate the TREEADS concept, importance and added value that will bring to the hot topic of forest fires.
The Eight Bells Ltd thermal camera was also introduced, as part of the Forest Black Box system.

The “1st Open Annual Workshop on Future ICT” had a great effect in supporting international dialogue, cooperation and knowledge sharing.

We are looking forward to the next one!

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