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TREEADS 2nd Physical Project Meeting and 4th General Assembly meeting

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The 2nd Physical Project Meeting and 4th General Assembly meeting took place on the 22nd and 23rd of June 2023 in Avila, Spain. This meeting marked an important milestone for the project as it reviewed the work carried out during the first half of project lifetime. Representatives from each partner entity joined the meeting physically and online to provide an update on the work made since the 3rd General Assembly meeting and as a whole for the first 18 months of the project.

Two keynote speakers were invited to present at the meeting.

Daniel Moya from the FUEGORED network, UCLM, presented tools for wildfire prevention and restoration. Research on the effect of fire on ecosystems was presented, including how fires with different characteristics impact soil, microbes, and vegetation in the short and long term. Training programs on wildfires were also presented.

Rodrigo Gómez, ICT head of CECEFOR, presented a digital tool developed to facilitate collaboration and efficient planning for municipalities in Spain related to wildfire management. The keynote speaker emphasized that the challenge is not that people do not want to collaborate, but that information is not digitally registered and easy to share.

During the meeting, developments and productive discussions of both technical and management aspects were at the forefront and a reliable and efficient plan to meet the upcoming Deliverables was outlined.

All partners are left with new energy to move forward with their respective project activities.


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