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IUFRO WP 07.02.13 and 07.02.03 Novel and classical strategies to manage forest health in plantations

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TREEADS Successfully Presents at IUFRO Conference on Forest Health Management Strategies in Brazil

From September 17th to 21st, 2023, the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) held a technical meeting to discuss novel and classical strategies in managing forest health in plantations. The event took place in Campo Grande, Brazil, and TREEADS was delighted to be invited to present its latest work to a community of scientists, industry partners, stakeholders, and national authorities/institutions.

During the conference, TREEADS presented on “TREEADS awareness + GBD reforestation and restoration technologies.” The presentation was an opportunity to showcase the impact of TREEADS in post-wildfire restoration and address the global concern of wildfires. Attendees were particularly interested in the Bioclip technology, which was highlighted as a key success factor for forestry protection. New investigations results on Bioclip were also published and released at the conference.

The event was a perfect platform to network and promote TREEADS and its impact within the global forestry cooperation. With more than 15,000 scientists from around 630 member organizations in almost 120 countries, IUFRO is the leading network for forest science cooperation. TREEADS used the opportunity to highlight the impact that the technology, which will be applied in Europe, can have on the Amazonian rainforest, which experienced over 200,000 wildfires in the previous year alone.

The conference also had a particular focus on forest health management strategies in Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay, promptly connecting TREEADS to the community of stakeholders in those countries. The event was a great opportunity to promote and network further for the dissemination of the TREEADS project to a larger audience.

The TREEADS presentation successfully addressed around 40 attendees at the conference, and the audience was impressed with the impact of the project. The IUFRO conference provided a conducive environment for knowledge exchange and collaboration. TREEADS is delighted to have been a part of such a valuable international conference.

TREEADS remains committed to post-wildfire restoration and management, and we will continue to work hard to develop effective and innovative strategies for forest management.

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