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German Pilot – Fire Science of Wildfires and Safety Measures

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In a notable milestone, the German Pilot Consortium, comprising Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (OvGU), the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), and Schmitz OneSeven GmbH, successfully conducted real fire tests on 28th September 2023. These tests hold immense significance for advancing the understanding of ground fires, smoke toxicity, and safe firefighting techniques. The resulting measurements and data are expected to contribute to the development of effective forest fire containment and fighting strategies. Prior to the fire tests, thorough coordination took place among the German Pilot Consortium, local partners, and authorities. The Flechtingen forestry office, the Börde district, the Flechtingen municipality, and its fire brigades all played instrumental roles in ensuring comprehensive safety preparations and obtaining the necessary permits. Thanks to their support and commitment, the planned fire tests could proceed smoothly and securely.

On the afternoon of 28th September 2023, Dr. Andrea Klippel (OVGU) and Dr. Anja Hofmann-Böllinghaus (BAM), esteemed project leaders, carried out the ignition on the designated land at the Altmark forestry operation. Over a span of more than two hours, extensive measurements were conducted, capturing data on smoke gas concentrations and temperatures.

It is important to note that the fire test was conducted under meticulous observation through the use of various drones and ground-based photographic documentation. To ensure safety, the volunteer fire brigade of the municipality of Flechtingen provided necessary security throughout the test. The photo and film documentation, combined with the measurement data, now serve as a valuable foundation for comprehending the spread phenomena of forest and vegetation fires. These findings will actively contribute to the further development of tactics for containing and fighting such fires. In collaboration with the laboratory investigations conducted by OvGU and BAM, the collected results will be used to develop computational models that predict forest fire phenomena.

Ultimately, this will pave the way for creating effective protection concepts for emergency services. The German Pilot project team extends sincere gratitude to all those involved in the successful execution of the fire tests. The unwavering support and commitment from local authorities, the volunteer fire brigade, and project partners have laid an excellent groundwork for further investigations within the TREEADS project.

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