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Forest Fire Fighter Training at Gumpoldskirchen AT

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On 14 and 15 April 2023 the Gumpoldskirchen Fire Fighting Station hosted a two-day forest and field firefighting training module for 30 of its members.
The training was led by Chief Extinguisher Sebastian Dallio partner of the Freiwillige Feuerwehr Gumpoldskirchen (FGK) and took part over two days. The first day began with a theoretical session on Friday, followed by a practical session the next day.

During the practical session, the team was divided into two groups and taught the necessary equipment and techniques for combating forest and field fires. The participants were shown how to create a fire break by hand and set up a bolt position along a hypothetical line of defense. Additionally, they were given a detailed explanation and hands-on training on the water-carrying fittings used for fighting forest fires.

The 10-person training team provided extensive knowledge and guidance to all participants, ensuring that they were optimally prepared for future firefighting assignments in the district.

Overall, the forest and field firefighting module was a great success, equipping the participants with essential skills and knowledge.

We would like to thank the Chief Extinguisher Sebastian Dallio, the training team, and all the participants for their contribution!

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