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FIREmobil – Performance Show civil protection and fair

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We are thrilled to share the success of the TREEADS project’s recent participation in the FIREmobil exhibition, which took place in Germany from September 14-16, 2023. This prestigious event, aimed at emergency services and decision-makers from public administrations, provided an exceptional platform for the TREEADS team to present their German Pilot and demonstrate the practical extinguishing capabilities of the project, alongside scientific monitoring techniques.

During the three-day exhibition, attendees had the opportunity to witness firsthand the latest advancements in vehicles and systems designed for effective wildland firefighting. These modern technologies were put to the test in practical demonstrations, providing tangible evidence of their efficacy in combatting wildfires. Additionally, the awe-inspiring sight of various aircraft on the airfield tarmac further underscored the importance of aerial firefighting techniques in managing fire incidents.

OneSeven (OS), a key collaborator of the TREEADS project, demonstrated their expertise by igniting designated areas in the outdoor space and showcasing their procedures using compressed air foam for vegetation fire operations. This live demonstration highlighted the innovative approaches embraced by the TREEADS project to tackle wildfires and protect our natural environments.

Inside the exhibition hall, the TREEADS project and the German Pilot garnered significant attention. Stakeholders, trade visitors, members of the scientific community, industry and technology partners, national authorities and institutions, media representatives, and the general public were captivated by the research displayed and engaged in constructive conversations around the project’s goals.

The presence of TREEADS at FIREmobil allowed for valuable discussions with stakeholders from various backgrounds. These interactions provided a platform to exchange ideas, receive feedback, and forge partnerships that will further enhance the impact of the TREEADS project in the field of wildland fire management.

Stay tuned for more updates as we make progress in our mission to revolutionize wildland fire management through innovative technologies and collaborative efforts.

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