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Agriculture Day in the City

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The revolutionary seedball technology, developed as part of the Horizon2020 project TREEADS, was recently presented in the esteemed Parliament of Lithuania. During the event “Agriculture Day in the City/Žemės ūkio diena mieste” on October 20th, 2023, this groundbreaking method for rapid reforestation post-fire damage captured the attention of the scientific community, industry partners, stakeholders, national authorities, institutions, and media.

Seedballs represent a significant leap forward for swift and effective reforestation in large or inaccessible areas following fire damage. These innovative spheres are meticulously crafted using a blend of soil, tree seeds, and microorganism-based growth stimulators. Remarkably, they are designed to be released from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ensuring even and widespread distribution.

With their unique composition and delivery method, seedballs offer unparalleled advantages in rehabilitating fire-ravaged landscapes or regions with limited human accessibility, such as mountain slopes. This technology paves the way for comparatively rapid and efficient reforestation, restoring the delicate ecological balance within these areas.

One of the most exceptional aspects of seedball technology is its adaptability to various locations and ecosystems. Whether it is the restoration of forests or the revival of understory species, such as bushes and grasses, seedballs prove to be a versatile tool. This adaptability ensures that the benefits of seedball technology extend far beyond post-fire reforestation, allowing ecosystem regeneration in diverse environments.

The presentation of seedball technology in the Lithuanian Parliament, with the participation of esteemed professionals and key stakeholders, signifies a crucial step toward achieving shared goals. The scientific community gains valuable insights into the practical application of their research, witnessing the real-world impact of their studies. Industry and technology partners are presented with inspiring opportunities for collaboration, strategic innovation, and collective progress. Additionally, engaging national authorities, institutions, and stakeholders fosters a unified approach to environmental conservation and reinforces the collective responsibility we share.

As the host country for the event, Lithuania demonstrates its commitment to addressing the challenges of post-fire reforestation and promoting sustainable practices. This collaboration between TREEADS, the Lithuanian Parliament, and various stakeholders symbolizes the power of partnerships and the collective determination to safeguard our natural resources.

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