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Activating Citizens Participation in Wildfire Risk Management

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We are delighted to share that TREEADS, represented by CBS, recently participated in the Horizon Booster Webinar. This webinar, held on November 6th, focused on activating citizens’ participation in wildfire risk management. The event brought together various EU fire projects, including SAFERS, FIRELOGUE, OVERWATCH, and TREEADS, all funded by the EU, to showcase innovative solutions and engage in interactive discussions.

The webinar provided an excellent opportunity to network with other EU fire projects and foster collaboration within the community. Participants had the privilege of attending insightful presentations delivered by esteemed speakers, each highlighting a unique aspect of citizens’ participation in wildfire risk management.

One of the presentations featured the SAFERS Chatbot for citizens, presenting the outcomes of field demonstrations, which was delivered by Claudio Rossi. José Alberto de Jesus Borges from CINAMIL discussed the role of CP (Portugal) during wildfire emergencies and citizens’ engagement. Additionally, Claudia Berchtold from Fraunhofer INT, Jorge Gomez from VOST Portugal, and Eduard Plana from CTFC presented a new approach to multi-stakeholder involvement by applying justice aspects to wildfire risk-management.

Furthermore, Diogo VALLIM from Copenhagen Business School shared valuable insights on understanding stakeholder engagement in wildfire management, including the framework, methods used, and preliminary results.

By participating in this webinar, TREEADS had the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and exchange experiences with peers in the field. It was a successful event that provided a platform for sharing innovative solutions and engaging in productive discussions.

TREEADS is committed to continuing its efforts in promoting citizens’ participation in wildfire risk management and looks forward to future collaborations that contribute to the advancement of sustainable wildfire management practices.

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