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1st Meeting of Local Bodies in Crete – Samaria National Park

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A successful meeting about the TREEADS project was held in Chania, Crete on October 26, 2022. The 1st Meeting of Local Bodies took place at MAICH, the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, an educational and research institute focusing on Mediterranean agriculture. The meeting was hybrid so that other bodies could also participate.

TREEADS was presented, and current fire management practices were examined and evaluated using a holistic approach with the active participation of all involved agencies. The aforementioned was done to ensure that the pilot area of the Samaria Gorge would have the necessary fire prevention and detection measures in place, as well as the immediate readiness and response, and the necessary recovery and adaptation. The agencies were informed of the available technologies that the project prequalifies, and the real problems and risks concerning the possible occurrence of a fire in the Gorge were brought up for discussion.

We were honored to meet numerous representatives from the Municipalities of Chania, Platanias, the Development Organization of Crete, the Administration of the Fire Service of Chania, the EKAV of Chania, the Management Unit of the Samaria National Park, and the West Crete PP.

We would also like to thank all TREEADS Greek and Cypriot representatives from Demokritos, Adrestia, CERTH-ITI, Frontier Innovations, Engineers for Business, Acceligence Ltd, CBS and the National Observatory of Athens for their active involvement through this important meeting.

TREEADS aims to contribute in any possible way to the maintenance of Samaria National Park.

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