Introducing the New Series of TREEADS Infographics: A Comprehensive Guide to Fire Prevention

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest initiative—the new series of TREEADS infographics, designed to educate and inform about fire prevention. In an effort to enhance safety and empower individuals, it is crucial for everyone to be well-versed in fire safety measures.


Start by availing yourself of the invaluable resource of TREEADS FIRE DAILY FORECASTING, enabling you to access the fire risk report specific to your municipality. This critical information equips you with comprehensive insights, enabling proactive measures to mitigate potential risks.

• Maintain Cleanliness to Reduce Fire Risks

Take special care to clean wildland-urban interface areas—an essential responsibility of every property owner. By diligently maintaining cleanliness and eliminating potential fuel sources, we can significantly reduce fire risks on our plots, safeguarding our surroundings from the threat of wildfires.

• Enhance Firefighting Capabilities with Proper Hydrant Maintenance

In collaboration with your local municipality, ensure that hydrants are cleaned, cleared, and accurately geolocated. This proactive measure amplifies firefighting capabilities and streamlines response efficiency, allowing for more effective management of fire incidents.

• Avoid Fire Risk Activities

To minimize fire hazards and mitigate potential dangers, it is imperative to refrain from engaging in fire-risk activities such as barbecues, fireworks, agricultural operations, or stubble burning. We can contribute to a safer environment for all by exercising caution and eliminating these potential triggers.

• Immediate Action in Case of Fire

Should you encounter any evidence of fire, such as a column of smoke, waste no time in contacting emergency services at the designated helpline, 112. Supporting them with precise geolocation details will facilitate a swift and accurate response, ensuring the prompt containment of the fire.

By diligently following these essential measures and actively spreading awareness, we can collectively safeguard our communities and environments from the destructive impacts of wildfires. Let’s foster a knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and unity culture to pursue a safer future. Let’s make a significant difference in fire prevention and safety measures. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and join us in this crucial endeavor.

infografía-fire-safety check-list
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Published On: October 2nd, 2023Categories: Citizens Awareness Infographics