TREEADS aims to increase environmental sustainability and urban/ rural ecosystems safety through redefining and reinforcing forests protection and management by developing and validating an innovative, sustainable and applied holistic wildfire management approach.

TREEADS Innovations

The project introduces a number of innovations including:

  • Combination of highly divergent sources of data, originating from both the cyber field and heterogeneous sensors in the physical field.

  • Early detection and timely risk assessment to allow prevention or mitigation of the consequences of catastrophic events.

  • Introduction of socio-geographical and socio-economic factors for the accurate evaluation of risk analysis.

  • Automation in most of the steps that need to be taken during firefighters’ operations to minimize all the significant impacts of fires.

  • Interoperability and scalability of the Ecosystem due to the use of open APIs and common data format for all data sources.

  • Four-layered approach utilisation in the monitoring of forests by exploiting three types of unmanned aerial vehicles and satellite data.

  • Multi-stakeholder approach for efficient integration of expert knowledge in forested social and ecological systems; forest economics and policy; and existing EU initiatives and services.

  • New fire resilient materials, insurance models, health monitoring, AR tools for fire responders, and a drone seeding technology and satellite data.

  • Desktop and mobile user interface of the main computational system provides real time information of the current status, plus the results of the computational analysis of the modules.